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Rev. Jenna Sullivan and I are delighted to invite you to a special event to be held on Sunday afternoon, November 13, at the church she pastors, Life in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, Texas. We will lead a conversation about a new book When God Whispered My Name, which includes both our stories, and sign books.

Read This article in Baptist News Global for a description and a few highlights from When God Whispered My Name.

I’m delighted to present this book with Rev. Jenna Sullivan, my sister in ministry in Dallas. Here is an excerpt from her story, titled “Dancing on Earth as It Is in Heaven: My Rhythm of Divine Calling.”

“I stand amazed at my story. I see one important thread that has held it all together: a beautiful and majestic Creator. God knows me, loves me, and continues to call me forth into a beautiful future of ministry. . . .  I am so grateful that God whispered my name. I will continue to do my best to accept the unpredictable and, at time, inconveniently beautiful truths of myself and of others. I will always accept the invitation to dance with God. Somehow, I always remember the steps.”

When God Whispered My Name includes stories of 19 women in ministry. Here are excerpts from several more stories.

Rev. Dr. Anika T. Whitfield currently serves as assistant minister and minister to youth at The Church Without Walls Global Reach Ministries in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. Her story is titled “Continuing the Legacy of Goodness and Love.”

“I was devastated by some of the constraints placed on me and by the accusations and challenges to my integrity that came not only from the minister who first licensed me but also from the church family I had known all my life. They stood in malicious judgment of me because I was a radical Christian who believes that the church is not an institution filled with rules of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that constrain our abilities to connect, reach, and grow with creation. I was challenged because I did not ascribe to patriarchy, sexism, homophobia, ageism, or any systems that ‘other’ people or creation.”

Rev. Sheila Sholes-Ross serves as pastor of First Baptist Church, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and co-chair of the national ecumenical organization Equity for Women in the Church. Her story is titled “Empowered by My Promised Inheritance.”

“We as ‘women of God’ must stand up and speak up for what is rightfully ours— challenging mindsets, knocking down patriarchal doors and barriers, and unlocking doors that have been locked far too long! A continuing question in ministry is: How do women of God and men of God change the patriarchal mindsets hindering women in ministry, a hindrance that prevents them from their inheritance? Women called to ministry must first be bold in announcing their call. Then, they must live into their call. They must not expect or be dependent upon the acceptance of others. Instead, they must advocate on behalf of their call. If a clergywoman is called to a senior pastorate position, she must not allow patriarchy to determine a lower salary from that of a male counterpart.”

You’re invited to join the conversation about this new book When God Whispered My Name, Sunday afternoon, November 13 at Life in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, Texas.  

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