Collaboration for New Beginnings

At the beginning of a new year and in this Epiphany season, we have wonderful opportunities to collaborate for new beginnings. Epiphany, “revelation of divine being,” is not limited to the Magi but continues to happen as we come together to birth and rebirth new life. New Wineskins Community collaborates with The Gathering, A Womanist […]

Longing for Coming of the Divine

Advent celebrates the coming of the Divine. In the midst of widespread tornadoes and other climate change disasters, COVID variants, gun violence, racism, misogyny, sexism, and other injustices, we long for the Divine to come into our world to bring transformation. Singing new songs can contribute to new life, hope, peace, and justice. I invite […]

Building Inclusive Theology Through Names and Images of the Divine

In an article titled “Advent, race, and the intimacy of Incarnation: Why we must see beyond a white Baby Jesus,” Robert P. Jones writes: “This year at Advent, I’m reflecting on the theological importance of an expansive and inclusive understanding of the Incarnation.” Jones, author of White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in […]

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