Creative & Healing Power of Music

The news these days can be overwhelming. Everywhere we turn we see people suffering from violence, abuse, poverty, exploitation of the earth, racial and gender injustice. We’re all in deep need of healing.

We can contribute to healing our world and to the creation of a better world. We can envision and sing of healing and new creation. Music has power to change the world because it changes us. Our songs empower our actions to make a difference.

Recording artist Shannon Kincaid sings “Welcome Our Sister-Brother Creator,” with pictures from various artists. This song envisions the creation of a world of peace, justice, kindness, freedom, healing, hope, beauty, and celebration of diverse gifts. Let us sing and act this world into reality.

Come, let us join our Sister Creator,
birthing a new world more than we know.
With Her revealing all of our fullness,
we create healing wherever we go.  

Come, let us join our Brother Creator,
bringing forth freedom for every race.
All of earth’s colors dancing together,
celebrate beauty in every face.  

Welcome our Sister-Brother Creator
into our spirits’ life-giving wombs.
Glad expectation grows from our labor
for new creation’s glorious blooms.  

Wisdom, Sophia, joins in our labor;
She with us freely co-creates life;
on this adventure, loving our neighbors,
kindness we nurture, ending the strife.  

Wisdom, Sophia, shares in our sorrows,
joining us freely, feeling our pain,
caring, caressing, now and tomorrow,
giving us blessing, hope to regain.  

Wisdom, Sophia, gives us new power,
helping to free us, bringing us peace;
She with us healing that we may flower,
beauty revealing, talents released.  

She is transforming, Wisdom, Sophia,
daily reforming, giving new birth;
changing and growing, She with us freeing,
touching and flowing, nourishing earth.  

Words  © Jann Aldredge-Clanton, from Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians (Eakin Press, 2006), and Inclusive Hymns for Liberation, Peace, and Justice (Eakin Press, 2011).

Vocal Artist: Shannon Kincaid,

Visual Artists:

Lucy A. Synk: “Ruach” © Lucy A. Synk. Used with permission.

Hartwig Kopp-Delaney: “His Hand”

David Clanton: “Dancing Children,” “Tree of Life,” and “Blaze of Glory” © David M. Clanton. Used with permission.;

Stacy Boorn: “Purple & Orange,” “Blooms,” “Rwandan Woman & Child,” “My Inner Tulip,” “Goddess in Blue,” “In Praise of Balloon,” and “Dancing after Work at ‘Speak I’m Listening’” © Stacy Boorn. Used with permission;

Mary Plaster: “Sophia, Divine Wisdom” © 2003 Mary Plaster. Used with permission.

Sister Marie-Celeste Fadden: “God’s Womb Pain” © Carmel of Reno. Drawing (or sketch) by Marie-Celeste Fadden, O.C.D. Used with permission.

Mirta Toledo: “Sophia” © 2003Mirta Toledo,         toledo/4532396991;


Keyboard: Ron DiIulio

Percussion: Warren Dewey

Guitar: Danny Hubbard

Bass & Percussion: Jerry Hancock

Music Producer/Arranger: Ron DiIulio:

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