“Join with the Spirit,” sung by Tiana Marquez

The Spirit calls us to rise up against injustice in our world. She calls us to rise for justice, e.g. gender, racial, immigrant, environmental justice. We can join Black Lives Matter, March for our Lives, and other justice movements. The Spirit rises for justice and peace, and we can join with Her in rising. “She […]

“Liberating Christ-Sophia” sung by Min. DeShay W. Freemyer-Jackson

Recently at The Gathering, A Womanist Church, co-pastor Rev. Dr. Kamilah Hall Sharp preached a liberating sermon titled “A Posture Check” (Mark 3:1-6). Often in church we are taught to be small, to wither ourselves. Dr. Kamilah showed us how this passage helps us to understand we must take a chance on ourselves, even though […]

“Sister Spirit Dancing” Song Video

Collaboration enhances the creative process. It was a joy to collaborate in the creation of “Sister Spirit Dancing” and on all the songs in Hersay: Songs for Healing and Empowerment. Katie Ketchum and I felt empowered as we worked together to create the songs in this collection. Sister Spirit danced in us, energizing and guiding […]

“She Persisted Still,” sung by Min. DeShay W. Freemyer-Jackson

At a recent worship service of The Gathering, A Womanist Church, Rev. Dr. Dwalunda Alexander preached a powerful sermon titled “There You Go Starting Stuff” (Esther 1:17a). Dr. Alexander is the founder and curator of Preaching in Purple, a womanist space for centering the theological voices and thoughts of Black women. At this service DeShay […]

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