“Were You There” Reimagined, by Vontril and Alexandria McLemore

Vontril and Alexandria McLemore, ministry partners of The Gathering, A Womanist Church, created timely new lyrics to the traditional African American spiritual “Were You There.” These lyrics take on urgent meaning during the current trial of the man who murdered George Floyd. These compelling lyrics remind us of the unspeakable violence against Black people since […]

Experiencing the Divine Feminine: Conversation with Jim F. Alexander

For many years I have researched, preached, taught, and written books to persuade people that we need to include biblical female names and images of the Divine in our worship for social justice and equality and for deepening our spiritual experience. My message has attracted many more women than men because women for the first […]

Celebrating Harriet Tubman

Thank you to Vontril and Alexandria McLemore, ministry partners of The Gathering, A Womanist Church, for this beautiful duet! When Harriet Tubman leads the way, setting people free,they call her Moses of that day, setting people free.  Refrain The Spirit gives her faith and power, setting people free;she rises in that urgent hour, setting people […]

“Our Sacred Midwife” Video

All people and all creation stand in urgent need of new life. Through a pandemic, racial and gender injustices, and unprecedented dangerous weather events, we all are facing many challenges. Added to these, many people are going through personal health challenges and/or grieving losses. The beautiful biblical image of the Divine Midwife comes bringing hope […]

Celebrating Black Women’s History Month

In commemorations of Black History Month, Black women are often ignored or mentioned only as props. Black women have had to overcome the triple oppression of racism, sexism, and classism to make unparalleled contributions to our country. Here is a video of Vontril McLemore, a ministry partner of The Gathering, A Womanist Church, singing “We […]

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