“Come and See a Revelation,” sung by DeShay Freemyer-Jackson, Minister of Worship Arts at The Gathering, A Womanist Church

Many churches still exclude women from pastoral leadership. Large denominations, such as Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic, still won’t ordain women to ministry.

DeShay Freemyer-Jackson, Minister of Worship Arts at The Gathering, A Womanist Church, sings “Come and See a Revelation.” This song invites all people to believe women’s truth and to open their hearts to new revelations.

“Come and see a revelation; come, explore a Mystery;”
hear the woman of Samaria, sharing her epiphany:
“Drink from wells of Living Water, springing to eternal life,
quenching thirst now and forever, bringing peace so all may thrive.”

Why are women often doubted, and their words too long ignored?
Why are women still excluded, and their stories unexplored?
Women first saw revelations, witnessed first the Living Word.
When will everyone believe them? When will women’s truth be heard?

Open hearts and minds to visions; welcome revelations new.
Every race and every gender shows us all a wider view;
all reflect the sacred image; all reveal Divinity.
Come, explore unfolding wonders, filled with possibility.

Words © 2019 Jann Aldredge-Clanton    
From Inclusive Songs from the Heart of Gospel

For years many organizations have been spreading these biblical truths, advocating for women in pastoral ministry and in all types of ministries. Among these are:

  • Equity for Women in the Church that “empowers people of all ages, races, and denominations to realize the full potential of their divine giftedness and to advocate for clergywomen’s equity and inclusion in ministry”;
  • The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests that ordains women and men to serve as priests, using “equal rites to promote equal rights and justice for women in the church” and affirming this is “constitutive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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