Changing Church: Patrick Michaels, Minister of Music, St. James’s Episcopal Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Author and Composer

Lifetime Partner, Loving Friend   Antiphon:  Lifetime Partner, Loving Friend,                    Fount of Wisdom, Source and End,                    She is God, Holy One: Glory!   Look! Behold her dark gracefulness, moving between worlds with ease— anywhere she is, her home is! In her wake the waters roll and part and slaves are made a people. […]

Changing Church: Rev. Christine A. Smith, Senior Pastor, Covenant Baptist Church, Wickliffe, Ohio

The concept of the glass ceiling is not new. In the secular realm, the glass ceiling represents the barrier that prevents qualified individuals from excelling beyond a certain level due to their race, gender, or orientation. For those of us who serve in the sacred or religious realm, we know it as the stained glass […]

Changing Church: Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Doctrinal Theology, Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Every woman in North America has experienced the life of powerlessness to some degree, but visible minority women experience it in greater intensity. Sophia can help transform this life. Korean North American women need to hold onto this promise and hope as they respond to the grace of divine Sophia, who will unconditionally accept and […]

Changing Church: Rev. Dr. Angela M. Yarber, Pastor for Preaching and Worship, Wake Forest Baptist Church, North Carolina

God of many names, who is not constrained by gender or the binaries humans construct, thank You for the diversity that You imbue in each of us, Your beloved children. We are grateful that You love unabashedly and without discrimination, celebrating the wondrous diversity of humankind: women, men, trans, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, queer, and […]

Changing Church: Rev. Lori Eickmann, Intentional Interim Pastor, Sierra Pacific Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Church tradition has forgotten, ignored or repressed the feminine images of the Holy that are present in the Bible. The truth of inclusive language for the Divine is biblical. We risk impairing the witness of the good news of Jesus Christ when we try to keep God in a box. Also, female imagery for God […]

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