Reviews – In Whose Image? God and Gender

In Whose Image? God and Gender

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“Beginning with the questions of biblical inspiration, translation, and interpretation, Clanton suggests that one can maintain the divine inspiration of the Scriptures and still be bound to raise the question of the adequacy of male images for God. She traces the development of God-language from the early church to modern times, to outline how the language of Christian prayer came to be dominated by patriarchal images. Clanton addresses the questions of the impact of God-language on women’s self-esteem, women’s and men’s spirituality, and the future of the church. An excellent discussion of a topic of vital interest to the churches today. Highly recommended.”

The Other Side

“In a style well-suited for church discussion groups, Jann Aldredge Clanton affirms “the unlimited God” of Scripture, explores the interaction of God-language and self-esteem, and proposes various models for change.”

Phyllis Trible

Professor of Biblical Studies, Wake Forest Divinity School

In Whose Image? God and Gender exposes the persistent sin of idolatry in limiting God to male and masculine language; Aldredge-Clanton challenges faith to recover female and feminine speech in order to understand the God beyond male and female.  In developing this thesis, Aldredge-Clanton has amassed an impressive array of documentation, beginning with Scripture, continuing through church history, and concluding with contemporary experiences of Christian people.  An irenic spirit, clear writing, and passionate conviction unite to make this book accessible and instructive for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Paul R. Smith

Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri

“God is at work mending the relationship between male and female that was torn asunder in the Garden.  Exploring the feminine face of God and calling God ‘Mother’ are not mere theological word games but are crucial parts of the Spirit’s movement at this very time.  Aldredge-Clanton takes us into the stream of these issues with accuracy and elegance.  I underlined something on nearly every page of In Whose Image? God and Gender.”

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