Reviews – God, A Word for Girls and Boys

God, A Word for Girls and Boys

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Miriam Therese Winter

Professor Liturgy, Worship, and Spirituality, Hartford Seminary

God, A Word for Girls and Boys is just what we need in our congregations and classrooms—a truly inclusive collection of resources for children.  This creative collection offers some hope that the next generation will grow up convinced that God is a God for girls as well as boys and will act accordingly.”

Cheryl Collins Patterson

Lydia’s Cloth

God, A Word for Girls and Boys is a terrific collection of inclusive language resources and a powerful tool that needs to be in every minister’s tool box!  Jann Aldredge-Clanton has made an excellent contribution to Christian worship and education.”

Paul Smith

Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri

“What an exciting collection!  I can’t wait to order copies for all of our children’s workers.  We have waited far too long for the kind of balanced recognition of the feminine face of God reflected in this book.”

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