Reviews – Changing Church: Stories of Liberating Ministers


Changing Church: Stories of Liberating Ministers

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Letha Dawson Scanzoni

editor of Christian Feminism Today
co-author (with Nancy A. Hardesty) of All We’re Meant to Be: Biblical Feminism for Today

“I know of no other book like this. Jann Aldredge-Clanton not only convincingly shows why our language and imagery for God must include the feminine as well as the masculine, but she also shows how such inclusiveness can be introduced and implemented in our churches. She does this, not by abstract academic arguments, but by sharing down-to-earth wonderful stories of twelve ministers who, as a part of their prophetic work for social justice, have enriched their congregations by using inclusive language and metaphors for God in sermons, liturgy, prayers, music, and religious education classes. I recommend the book wholeheartedly.”

Rosemary Radford Ruether

Claremont Graduate University
author of Ecofeminism, Globalization, and World Religions

“What does it mean to transform Christian language for prayer and liturgy to really include female symbols for the Divine? This is the question Jann Aldredge-Clanton asked in writing this book. To answer this question she did interviews with twelve innovative ministers from seven denominations. These interviews give compelling testimony of the transformation that happens for religious communities when language for God is really affirmed in both genders.”

Marjorie Procter-Smith

Perkins School of Theology
author of The Church in Her House: A Feminist Emancipatory Prayer Book for Christian Communities

“These are stories that need to be told, that have been waiting to be told, so that women and men embarking on this journey know that others have been there before them, have faced some of the same challenges and struggles, and have found ways to be both faithful and emancipating. But most of all, we need to know these stories so that women’s history in the church is not, once again, lost and forgotten and denied.”

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