Changing Church: Rev. Dr. Isabel Docampo: Call to Worship, Alliance of Baptists Annual Convocation

Rev. Dr. Isabel Docampo

Call to Worship

One: Listen!
Many: The shout for liberation breaks forth,
               and the bell of God’s freedom is ringing.
One: Eschucha!
Many: The joy of celebration erupts,
               and the salsa of God’s love is dancing.
One: Listen!
Many: The promise of anticipation beckons,
               and the kinship of God is birthing.
One: Listen!
Many: Sophia-Wisdom-God has set the table; it is round,
              bountiful and set for all!
One: Come, let us feast on the bounty of Her Holy Wisdom,
Many: That we, like Mary, may sing of joy,
              and labor with hope for a new world—
One: A world where Christian worship sets people free so that
Many: The poor and immigrant have dignity, work and food;
              women do not worry about politics in their healthcare
              nor rape as a weapon of war;
              gay, lesbian and transgendered people live with dignity and respect;
              religion is not used as a weapon of subjugation,
              and Christianity stands with the least of these in every corner of the world.
One: Come, let us feast on the bounty of Her Holy Wisdom,
Many: And be filled with God’s peace, justice, and compassion.
All: Behold!  Sophia-Wisdom-God; She makes all things new!

For a worship service at the Alliance of Baptists 2012 Annual Gathering, Rev. Dr. Isabel Docampo created this Call to Worship which she also led. Rev. Dr. Docampo serves as Associate Professor of Supervised Ministry at Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, Texas.

She has served on the Alliance of Baptists Board, and is now active in the ecumenical Equity for Women in the Church Community, sponsored by the Alliance. She also co-chairs the Dallas area Workers’ Rights Board, and is active in many other organizations to create peace and justice.

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