“Our Sacred Midwife” Video

Alexandria and Vontril McLemore, ministry partners, The Gathering, A Womanist Church

All people and all creation stand in urgent need of new life. Through a pandemic, racial and gender injustices, and unprecedented dangerous weather events, we all are facing many challenges. Added to these, many people are going through personal health challenges and/or grieving losses.

The beautiful biblical image of the Divine Midwife comes bringing hope of moving safely through pain to new life. “Yet it was you who took me from the womb; you kept me safe on my mother’s breast. On you I was cast from my birth, and since my mother bore me, you have been my God” (Psalm 22:9-10). In this psalm, the poet expresses feelings of being forsaken and persecuted, and finds reassurance in this picture of the Divine Midwife’s giving birth and continuing to give tender care throughout life. Here is another assurance of the Divine Midwife’s bringing new life out of pain: “Shall I open the womb and not deliver? says your God; shall I, the one who delivers, shut the womb? (Isaiah 66:9).

The image of the Divine Midwife reaches beyond the physical womb and the physical act of giving birth to include birthing new life in any way and form. She invites us all to join Her in birthing new life in a variety of ways according to our gifts and calling.

This song invites us to join with the Sacred Midwife in bringing new life to birth within ourselves and throughout the world.

Calling us on with Her voice so strong,
our Sacred Midwife sings a birthing song;
She beckons forward to life anew,
and opens paths to Her expanding views.

Calling us on through the longest nights,
our Sacred Midwife leads to visions bright;
with Her we labor to bring new birth,
to spread Her love and beauty through the earth.

Words © 2019 Jann Aldredge-Clanton; Music © 2019 Katie Ketchum   

Video Credits

Performed by: Katie Ketchum

Lyrics: Jann Aldredge-Clanton

From: Hersay: Songs for Healing and Empowerment

Visual Artists:

Katie Ketchum, Hersay Book Cover

photos from The Gathering, A Womanist Church, Dallas, Texas

Lucy A. Synk: “Ruach” painting © Lucy A. Synk. Used with permission.

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  1. Thank you, this is comforting and hopefully. The future is bright as the “lesser” become the leaders.

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