“Our Mother Holds Us in Her Love” Song Video

The Bible includes images of the Divine as Mother. Our Loving Mother not only gives birth to Her children, but also comforts and nurtures us toward our full potential (Isaiah 66:13; Hosea 11:3-4). Her relationship with us is so strong that nothing can ever break it (Isaiah 49:15). 

Our Mother holds us in Her love;
She embraces all.
She gives us peace like a gentle dove;
we can feel Her calling.

Our Mother holds us in Her peace,
now and every day.
Her comfort comes and will never cease;
She is with us always.

Words © 2019 Jann Aldredge-Clanton 

“Mother” and other female names and images of the Divine are in the Bible. But patriarchal church and culture have buried them for centuries. The Female Divine is now rising in power and glory to bring healing peace to our individual lives and to our world. “She is with us always.”

Video Credits

Performed by: Katie Ketchum

Lyrics: Jann Aldredge-Clanton

From: Hersay: Songs for Healing and Empowerment

Recorded at: Joe Hoffmann Studios, Occidental, CA

Visual Art:

Katie Ketchum: Hersay book cover painting

Stacy Boorn: “Black Madonna” painting

Sister Marie-Celeste Fadden: “Nurturing Woman” & ”Comforting Mother” drawings

photo of Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart, preaching at Baptist Women in Ministry Gathering

Katherine Skaggs: “Black Madonna” painting

photo of Rev. Dr. Andrea Clark Chambers, presenting at Equity for Women in the Church Conference

Elaine Chan-Scherer: “Visitation” painting

Pam Allen: risen “Christ-Sophia“ drawing

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