“Liberating Christ-Sophia” sung by Min. DeShay W. Freemyer-Jackson

Recently at The Gathering, A Womanist Church, co-pastor Rev. Dr. Kamilah Hall Sharp preached a liberating sermon titled “A Posture Check” (Mark 3:1-6). Often in church we are taught to be small, to wither ourselves. Dr. Kamilah showed us how this passage helps us to understand we must take a chance on ourselves, even though it may be difficult to show compassion to ourselves. We need to be healed, to be made whole, before we can help others authentically. Her sermon resonated with me as I recalled growing up singing “for such a worm as I” and “saved a wretch like me.”

My latest collection includes many songs that reimagine atonement “worm” theology and set them to gospel tunes I grew up singing. I reclaim these gospel tunes I love with inclusive lyrics to proclaim the good news of liberation, justice, peace, equity, and abundant life that Jesus proclaimed.

At this recent service DeShay W. Freemyer-Jackson, Minister of Music & Worship Arts for The Gathering, sang “Liberating Christ-Sophia” from Inclusve Songs from the Heart of Gospel. We need peace and liberation more than ever today and seek Christ-Sophia’s guidance through this urgent hour.

Come to take away our fear,
liberating Christ-Sophia;
come to bring us hope and cheer,
liberating Christ-Sophia.

In these times we need Your power,
liberating Christ-Sophia;
guide us through this urgent hour,
liberating Christ-Sophia.

Give us courage every day,
liberating Christ-Sophia;
fill us all with strength, we pray,
liberating Christ-Sophia.                                                                             


Come, bring us peace today;
show us Your healing way,
forever with us stay,
liberating Christ-Sophia.

Words © 2020 Jann Aldredge-Clanton                

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