“Kin-dom” vs. “Kingdom”

It was an honor to take part in a conversation initiated by Mark Wingfield, editor of Baptist News Global. He asked theological questions about Jesus’ mother Mary and about the use of the words “kin-dom” and “kingdom.” I chose to weigh in on “kin-dom” vs. “kingdom.” Here is an excerpt from my contribution to the conversation.

“Words matter. The words we speak and sing in worship carry great power because of the sacred value given to them,” she said. “Words we use in theological and daily discourse also matter. Words shape our values, beliefs and actions.”

“This inclusive, egalitarian word challenges established power structures and promotes social justice and equity. “Kin-dom” advocates for an equitable and compassionate community, acknowledging the inherent worth and value of each person within it. It emphasizes mutual relationships over hierarchical structures. It envisions a community where everyone is valued and respected, regardless of social status, race, gender, or any other differentiating factor.”

Read the full article here in Baptist News Global.

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