“Holy Wisdom Calls,” sung by DeShay Freemyer-Jackson

Wars are raging in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere in our world, resulting in deaths of thousands of children and others. These wars leave people without homes, food, water, fuel, and other basic human necessities.

When will all this violence cease? When will oppression that leads to violence cease?

DeShay Freemyer-Jackson, Minister of Worship Arts at The Gathering, sings “Holy Wisdom Calls.”

When will oppression and violence cease?
When will we see Wisdom’s truth increase?
She is the path to a world of peace;
Holy Wisdom calls.

How long will hatred and fear hold sway?
When will we all follow Wisdom’s way?
She guides us forward to peaceful days;
Holy Wisdom calls.

Come, join with Wisdom to end the strife;
follow Her pathways for all to thrive;
She leads us on to abundant life;
Holy Wisdom calls.


Holy Wisdom calls, Holy Wisdom calls;
She is the path to a world of peace;
Holy Wisdom calls.

Words © 2019 Jann Aldredge-Clanton
From Inclusive Songs from the Heart of Gospel

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