God Is Not a Guy, and Neither Am I: Male Dominance and Sexual Abuse in Churches

News stories keep uncovering devastating, widespread sexual abuse in Catholic and Southern Baptist churches. Although abuse also occurs in other churches, it’s not surprising that more of the stories implicate the most male-dominated denominations.

Male dominance in the leadership and language of churches forms the foundation for this abuse of women. When males are given God-like status, they are more likely to feel entitled to do whatever they like and females not to question their authority.

Read the rest of this article in Baptist News Global.

13 thoughts on “God Is Not a Guy, and Neither Am I: Male Dominance and Sexual Abuse in Churches

  1. This is fantastic, I’m SO sick of people calling a group of women “YOU GUYS”, and they somehow feel flattered by it. Thinking that they’ve, ever so briefly, been lifted to the level of male. Preach, preach, preach, Sister!!!

  2. Thank you, Colette, for your support and encouragement! Yes, I’m so tired of “You Guys” also. I hadn’t thought about women feeling flattered by this because they’ve “been lifted to the level of male”! I think you have an article here!

  3. Good points. I am going to examine my speech and make changes where I might be using exclusive language. Very important! Thanks, Jann.

  4. Jann – I am deeply grateful for your years of work on behalf of women’s spiritual leadership and equality. Language does matter – very much.

  5. Thank you, Kathe, for your kind, affirming words.

    And I’m indeed grateful for your vital work in support of women’s spiritual leadership!

  6. Thank you. And because of that you can find mel isted on FB as Mo. (Mother) Marian Lucas-Jefferies.

  7. Oh, Jann, thank you SO much for speaking up about the “you guys” problem and for all your beautiful work for inclusive language and songs! The phrase “you guys,” meant to include girls and women, bothers me keenly because of it’s ubiquitous use in seemingly innocuous, casual and friendly ways. Time’s up for all such kyriarchal linguistic oppression! I hereby prayerfully recommit to bold, feminist,language activism in the churches and beyond.

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