“Come to the Source” Song Video

Sometimes we don’t feel creative or we feel stuck in our creative work. It helps to remember that we are all in the image of the Creative Spirit (Genesis 1:26-27), so we are all creative. When we claim our birthright, we delight in “our creative flow” and in seeing our creative gifts “bloom and grow.”

Come to the Source, well of sacred flow;
deep in our souls, She will grow.

Come to the Source; claim creative flow;
with Her our gifts bloom and grow.

Words © 2019 Jann Aldredge-Clanton  Music © 2019 Katie Ketchum

Video Credits

Performed by: Katie Ketchum

Music: Katie Ketchum

Lyrics: Jann Aldredge-Clanton

From: Hersay: Songs for Healing and Empowerment

Recorded at: Joe Hoffmann Studios, Occidental, CA

Visual Art:

Katie Ketchum: Hersay book cover, “Dreamportal,” and “She Is Materializing” paintings

Stacy Boorn: two “Christ-Sophia” paintings

Elaine Chan-Scherer: “Sacred Feminine”and Mary Magdalene” paintings (photo taken in Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran, San Francisco)

Jennifer Mantle: “Our Lady of Guadalupe” painting

photo of Alice Heimsoth in Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran

David Clanton: two photos of “Imagine God! A Children’s Musical Exploring and Expressing Images of God,” taken in summer music camp, Dallas Bethlehem Center

Alice Heimsoth: photo of “Mary Magdalene” painting by Elaine Chan-Scherer, taken in Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran

Linda Palmstrom: “Summer Solstice” painting

photo from Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, website

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