Changing Church: Jeanette Blonigen Clancy: interviews with Garrison Keillor and others

Jeanette Blonigen Clancy

Jeanette Blonigen Clancy, Catholic lay theologian, educator and writer, author of God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky, was on Garrison Keillor’s 35th anniversary “Prairie Home Companion” show as the historian of Avon, Minnesota. She talked about her book Nestled between Lakes and Wooded Hills: The Centennial History of the Avon Area. Listen to this interview:

Another subject Jeanette writes, blogs, and speaks about is language for Deity. She is passionate about this topic because she believes that “sexist God-talk promotes male domination and therefore gender abuse. God as exclusively ‘HeHimHis’ describes male power as natural, normal, proper, and right, and female power as unnatural, abnormal, improper, and wrong.”

“The Christian ‘Lord’ promotes all types of inequality by establishing hierarchy and domination as the essential, even sacred, structure of the universe. Those of us in the Christian tradition can help to transform its immoral power structure by taking every opportunity to insert inclusive God-talk into liturgical and everyday language.” In her writing and speaking Jeanette suggests “many ways to reduce the power of the idol called ‘the Lord’ by naming the Holy with feminine and non-hierarchical terms.”

Jeanette Bonigen Clancy talks about “Christian Language that Perpetuates Male Dominance and Sex Abuse” on Karen Tate’s show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine:

On the “Morning Eye Opener” radio show, Jeanette also talks about changing God-talk and refers to her book God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky:;;;


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