Changing Church: Christina Cavener, “Sophia is the Breath of Life”

Christina Cavener
 Sophia is the Breath of Life
   by Christina Cavener

Listen to the wind whistle, the leaves rustle, and the waves crash against the shore.
These are the voices of Sophia: the whispers of the Holy One.

Touch the bark on the tree, the wildflower in the field, and the leaves of a bush.
These are the words of Sophia: the living literature of the divine.

Hear the birds sing, the bees buzz, and the ducks quack.
This is the music of Sophia: the holy choir that sings under the sun.

Watch the fox run, the fish swim, and the eagle fly.
These are the creations of Sophia: the beloved friends of humanity.

Smell the buttercups, the honeysuckles, and the sunflowers.
These are the gifts of Sophia: the reminders of divine grace.

See the pink sunrise, the blue skies, and the purple sunset.
These are the paintings of Sophia: the masterpieces displayed for all.

Look at the moon, the stars, and the planets.
These are the revelations of Sophia: the heavens that shine in the night.

Feel your heart pump, surge, and beat.
This is the pulse of Sophia: the rhythm of life on earth.

Inhale the sea’s breeze and the oxygen of the trees.
This is the breath of Sophia: the force that connects us all.

Sophia of Interconnectedness,
in each breath,
let us plunge into our connectedness with the universe.
For it is in praying that we are able to breathe the breath of the universe.

Sophia, connect us with all living beings.

In each breath,
we want to draw the world into ourselves.
For our existence is part of this immense web of relationships.

Sophia, connect us with all living beings.

In each breath,
plunge us into the deep heart of the universe.
For it is in our breath that we are tuning in to the vital core.

Sophia, connect us with all living beings.

In each breath,
we inhale and exhale with all living beings,
for we share this breath of life with every creature.

Sophia, connect us with all living beings.

O Sophia, as we deepen ourselves into prayer, into our breath, allow us to become further connected with you. Be fully present with us and within us as we strive to abide in your holy presence. Amen. 

I now invite you to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Be aware of how you are sitting, and note where the tense areas of your body are. Breathe deeply and slowly into your lower midsection. Continue to breathe deeply, focusing on the parts of your body holding tension. Exhale into and through these areas, until you feel the tension begin to go. Experience the presence of Sophia within you as you take each breath. With each breath, allow your body to rest in Sophia.

As you continue breathing, feel your heart as it beats with the pulse of the universe. Experience the rhythm of creation. Connect yourself with every living being. As you breathe, a bird breathes. As you breathe, a plant grows. As you breathe, a turtle comes up for air. Feel your connection with every living thing. Allow the power of this connection to take hold. Clear your mind and just be. Listen to the sounds of Sophia…

When you feel ready, I invite you to go find a spot nearby where you can see my wave beckoning you to return. Be in meditative silence for 10 minutes. Appreciate the beauty of Sophia’s creation and listen to her whispers…

After Meditation:

At this time, we will voice words to describe our experiences of this morning thus far. After everyone has spoken, we will respond:

Sophia, we thank you for these experiences.

Let us stand and sing with praise of Sophia, the Spirit of all that lives.

Hymn 76, “Praise Ruah, Spirit Who Gives Birth” by Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Let us go forth to recognize the divine in all of creation, to plunge into our connection with every living being, and to thank Sophia for the gift of life.
In her name we pray, Amen.


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