She Lives!

“Come and See a Revelation,” sung by DeShay Freemyer-Jackson, Minister of Worship Arts at The Gathering, A Womanist Church

Many churches still exclude women from pastoral leadership. Large denominations, such as Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic, still won’t ordain women to ministry. How can this be when the Bible tells us that our “sons and daughters shall prophesy” (Acts 2:17), and that women were the first to receive revelations from Jesus and to preach […]

“Christ-Sophia Lives Today”

The question often raised when I’m leading discussions on expanding divine names and images is “You do believe Jesus is male, don’t you?” At first I tried to give detailed theological explanations, but later simply replied, “I believe Jesus was male, but Jesus is not male, because I believe in the resurrection.” The image of […]

“We Praise Sacred Darkness,” sung by DeShay Freemyer-Jackson at The Gathering, A Womanist Church

This hymn celebrates darkness as sacred power giving birth to all creation. Sacred Darkness creates a world of justice and peace. We join this creation, contributing to racial justice and equity by changing the traditional symbolism of darkness and light. In many hymns images of darkness carry negative connotations, while images of light carry positive […]

“Early Morning Dawns and the Spirit Rises” Song Video

With all the challenges in our lives and in the world, we may not waken to the wonders all around us. Spring is my favorite time of year. Daffodils, tulips, redbud trees, dogwood trees, and azaleas are showing off their bright, multicolored beauty. When I stop to breathe in the beauty, the lovely creation fills […]

“Holy Wisdom Calls,” sung by DeShay Freemyer-Jackson

Wars are raging in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere in our world, resulting in deaths of thousands of children and others. These wars leave people without homes, food, water, fuel, and other basic human necessities. When will all this violence cease? When will oppression that leads to violence cease? How our world needs Wisdom […]

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