“Sound Forth the News That Wisdom Comes” Video

Recording artist Shannon Kincaid sings “Sound Forth the News That Wisdom Comes,” with pictures from various artists, to the tune of “Joy to the World.” The book of Proverbs depicts Wisdom as a female image of the Divine: “She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with Her. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all Her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who lay hold of Her; those who hold Her fast are called happy” (Proverbs 3: 15, 17-18).

“Sound Forth the News That Wisdom Comes” calls us to co-create with Wisdom a world of peace, justice, equality, love, freedom, and joy.

Rev. Sheila Sholes-Ross

The first photograph in the video is of Rev. Sheila Sholes-Ross, co-chair of the national, ecumenical, multicultural Equity for Women in the Church Community. The purpose of this Community is to advocate and network for clergywomen across denominations and cultures to facilitate access and congregational receptivity so that they find clergy positions in order to transform church and society.

(See more information about the Equity for Women in the Church Community and Rev. Sholes-Ross’ story: https://jannaldredgeclanton.com/blog/?p=685; https://jannaldredgeclanton.com/blog/?p=633

This video is a Christmas gift that comes with the hope that Wisdom will guide us to change our violent culture and to co-create with Her a peaceful world.

Sound forth the news that Wisdom comes
to bring new life to birth.
Arise with hope, Her labor join,
and peace shall fill the earth,
and peace shall fill the earth,
and peace, and peace shall fill the earth.
No more let fear and custom hide
the path of Wisdom fair.
She leads the way to life and joy,
with gifts for all to share,
with gifts for all to share,
with gifts, with gifts for all to share.
Joyful are we who heed the call
of Wisdom in our souls.
With Her we break oppression’s wall,
so love may freely flow,
so love may freely flow,
so love, so love may freely flow.
Crown Wisdom Queen of heaven and earth.
Her reign will set us free.
Fling wide the gates that all may come
join hands and dance with glee,
join hands and dance with glee,
join hands, join hands and dance with glee.

Words  © Jann Aldredge-Clanton, from Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians (Eakin Press, 2006).


Vocal Artist: Shannon Kincaid, http://www.shannonkincaid.com/

Visual Artists:

David Clanton: “Tree of Life” and two dancing children photos © David M. Clanton. Used with permission.  http://www.davidclanton.com/; http://david-clanton.artistwebsites.com/

Lucy A. Synk: “Ruach” © Lucy A. Synk. Used with permission. http://lucysynkfantasyart.com/print_gallery

Alice Heimsoth: seven photos inside Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran, San Francisco (http://www.herchurch.org/) and two photos from “Sisters Stepp’in Pride” events © Alice Heimsoth. Used with permission. http://www.aliceheimsoth.com/gallery/258290; http://www.aliceheimsoth.com/Other/herchurch-Easter-2012/22366832_Whhj3j#%21i=1792348850&k=DT4MQbt; http://www.aliceheimsoth.com/Other/Faith-and-Feminisn-Conference/20163387_3JtgVM#%21i=1593178442&k=ZFmSvRF; http://www.aliceheimsoth.com/Events/2006/Sisters-Steppin-Pride/1832109_NXQqNT#!i=91664484&k=s9sTA

Mirta Toledo: “Sophia” © 2003 Mirta Toledo. Used with permission.  http://www.afrolatinart.com/#/mirta-         toledo/4532396991; https://www.jannaldredgeclanton.com/books.php#book3

Shannon Kincaid: “Oprah & Child” and “Queen Maeve” paintings © Shannon Kincaid. Used with permission.

Mary Plaster: “Sophia, Divine Wisdom” © 2003 Mary Plaster. Used with permission. http://www.maryplaster.com/mary.html

Elizabeth Zedaran: “Flow” © Elizabeth Zedaran. Used with permission.



Keyboard: Ron DiIulio

Guitar: Danny Hubbard

Bass & Percussion: Jerry Hancock

   Music Producer/Arranger: Ron DiIulio




18 thoughts on ““Sound Forth the News That Wisdom Comes” Video

  1. Just what I needed to hear this morning, Jann. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!
    Love and blessings,

  2. Hey Jann! Just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring a few of your beautiful videos on my Patheos blog next week, a few days around Christmas . Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring work … it’ll be my “A Merry Feminist Christmas” series … 🙂

  3. Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting video! The words and images were so illustrative of the season’s hope. Thank you!


  4. I love this, Jann. I love the lyrics especially, but the images bring life to your beautiful words. This is a great Advent reflection, and a good reminder of the need to bring peace and hope to our broken world. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with EEWC.

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