First and Second Timothy and Titus (Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament), by Dr. Christopher R. Hutson

Bad theology and biblical misinterpretations kill people. We’re seeing that now during this coronavirus pandemic when pastors keep holding large church gatherings because they believe that it’s God’s will, that “the Bible says it and that settles it.” Teaching that subordination of women is God’s will is also bad theology that kills bodies, minds, and […]

Spiritual Truth in the Age of Fake News, by Rev. Elizabeth Geitz

What is truth? This is an urgent question at the current time. What is the truth about the coronavirus? What is the truth about political candidates? In this age of multiple, widely divergent new sources and social media, it’s often hard to discern truth. But this is not a new question. When Jesus said “Everyone […]

MLK Day Worship Services: Where Are the Women Preachers and Leaders?

Today at the Dallas citywide Dr. Martin Luther King Day worship service, there were no women preachers. There are many outstanding Black women preachers in Dallas, but not one was included in the service. In most of the MLK services I’ve attended, I’ve noticed this absence. Around the country today in MLK worship services, others […]

“Sound Forth the News that Wisdom Comes Christmas Carol Video

Sing and celebrate the good news that Wisdom comes to bring new life to birth!  How we need Wisdom and Her new life in our world! This video comes with the hope that Wisdom will guide us to co-create with Her a world of justice, peace, equality, love, freedom, and joy. Sound forth the news […]

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