MLK Day Worship Services: Where Are the Women Preachers and Leaders?

Today at the Dallas citywide Dr. Martin Luther King Day worship service, there were no women preachers. There are many outstanding Black women preachers in Dallas, but not one was included in the service. In most of the MLK services I’ve attended, I’ve noticed this absence. Around the country today in MLK worship services, others […]

“Sound Forth the News that Wisdom Comes Christmas Carol Video

Sing and celebrate the good news that Wisdom comes to bring new life to birth!  How we need Wisdom and Her new life in our world! This video comes with the hope that Wisdom will guide us to co-create with Her a world of justice, peace, equality, love, freedom, and joy. Sound forth the news […]

“Celebrate Sophia’s Birth” Christmas Carol Video

Many years ago when I began writing and speaking about expanding divine images, a friend gave me a t-shirt that has on it a manger scene with an arrow pointing down to the baby with these words: “It’s a girl!” With just three words this t-shirt expresses a profound truth in Scripture and Christian tradition. […]

“Come to Our World, O Christ-Sophia” Christmas Carol Video

Our world is in deep need of healing. As we join together to labor with the Divine and to sing of healing, justice, peace, love, and kindness, we create a better world. We give birth to Christ-Sophia, who provides a foundation for equality and justice. Christ-Sophia empowers us to make the Gospel vision of new […]

“O Come, Christ-Sophia” Christmas Carol Video

The first hymn I wrote was “O Come, Christ-Sophia” to the tune of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” I had written about the biblical and historical connections between Christ and Sophia (Greek word for “Wisdom” in the New Testament), and had been wondering what it would have been like if I’d grown up singing about […]

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