Changing Church Resource: “We Sound a Call to Freedom” video

"Christ-Sophia," by Mirta Toledo

Recording artist Shannon Kincaid sings “We Sound a Call to Freedom,” with pictures from various artists. This song envisions peace, justice, and liberation to the tune of “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory.”

We sound a call to freedom that will heal our broken land;
as the call rings out more clearly, violent forces will disband.
Prison doors will open; bonds will loosen by the Spirit’s hand;
the truth will set us free.

We are tired of idle promises and token words and deeds;
we want equal rights and benefits for every race and creed.
Cries of women, men, and children we want everyone to heed;
the truth will set us free.

Our recovery is coming as our eyes receive new sight;
we are moving out of bondage; we are bound for freedom bright.
As we claim our fullest powers, we walk on into the light;
the truth will set us free.

Now our joy breaks forth in dawning of a free and glorious day,
and our healing springs up quickly as our talents we display.
Come and join our celebration; come rejoice and gladly say:
“The truth has set us free.”


Free at last, O Hallelujah! Free at last, O Hallelujah!
Now, Sophia, you have freed us! Your truth has set us free

Words  © Jann Aldredge-Clanton, from Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians (Eakin Press, 2006).

Visual Artists:

David Clanton: “The Magic Begins” and dancing children photos:;

Shannon Kincaid: woman carrying torch paintings:

Mirta Toledo: Christ-Sophia painting:;

Chad Clanton: purple irises photo


Keyboard: Ron DiIulio

Percussion: Warren Dewey

Guitar: Danny Hubbard

Bass & Percussion: Jerry Hancock

Music Producer/Arranger:

Ron DiIulio:

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