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Intercultural Ministry: Hope for a Changing World

Why are most churches still segregated by race and culture? Is it possible to build intercultural ministries today? What are the challenges of creating and maintaining these ministries? How do intercultural churches give equal power and privilege to each culture? How do they avoid assimilating minority cultures into dominant cultures? Intercultural Ministry explores these questions and more with chapters from a racially and denominationally diverse group of pastors, theologians, and teachers who reflect on their experiences and experiments in intercultural ministry. Contributors include Peter Ahn, Amy Butler, Brad Braxton, Brandon Green, Daniel Hill, Angie Hong, Karen Oliveto, Carlos Ruiz, Sheila Sholes-Ross, Christine Smith, and more!

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Calling in the Key of She Empowerment Program

Calling in the Key Brochure (PDF) copy 2

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Earth Transformed coverFinal

Earth Transformed with Music! Inclusive Songs for Worship

Music has great power to touch the heart and change the world. Words we sing in worship shape our beliefs and actions. The inclusive songs in this collection will contribute to social justice, peace, equality, and expansive spiritual experience. This collection includes all new songs, most to widely-known tunes and some to new tunes. Many of the songs are appropriate for interfaith settings. A special feature of this new collection is the inclusion of multigenerational short songs for various parts of worship services, such as invocations and benedictions. The songs in this collection name Deity as female and male and more to support the foundational biblical truth that all people are created equally in the divine image. The predominant themes of gender equality, racial equality, marriage equality, economic justice, care of creation, and peacemaking flow from the prophetic tradition in Scripture. This collection also includes songs for comfort, healing, celebration, and thanksgiving.

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New Wineskins Feminist Worship Community

Sunday, September 10, 2017, 11:00 a.m.
Richland Community College, campus labyrinth
12800 Abrams Road
Dallas, Texas 75243

Equity for Women in the Church, Inc.

Calling for founding partners of Equity for Women in the Church, Inc., a unique ecumenical, multicultural, visionary organization: Equity Membership Form. Mission, History, and Current Projects: Equity Mission

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Painting by Katie Ketchum, photography and image effects by Stacy Boorn

Painting by Katie Ketchum, photography and image effects by Stacy Boorn

Sing of Peace

Imagine Christmas carols you love but with lyrics that include the Divine Feminine to celebrate the sacredness of all people and all creation! Imagine Christmas carols that sing of peace for all people and for the earth. This new Christmas album, Sing of Peace, will bring inspiration, healing, and empowerment through new inclusive lyrics to familiar Christmas carol tunes, sung in sublime harmonies by Devi Vaani.  Sing of Peace, reclaims and amplifies the themes of peace, joy, hope, awe, and love that so much of the world associates with the Christmas season. It includes the experiences of women, minorities, and all oppressed people who are not directly referenced in traditional Christmas music. Including multicultural biblical female divine names and images, Sing of Peace affirms the sacred value of females throughout the world who continue to suffer from violence and abuse. This Christmas album celebrates the sacredness of all people and all creation. It weaves the magic and mystery of Christmas with urgent cries for justice, an end to suffering, and respect and dignity for all beings.

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Meet the clergy and laypeople driving foundational Christian theological change—restoring sacred value to women and girls—in pursuit of just and equal faith communities.

She Lives! presents fascinating narratives of clergy and laypeople who are changing the institutional church and society by restoring biblical female divine names and images to Christian theology, worship symbolism, and liturgical language. Their stories reveal the connection between multicultural female divine images in worship and justice in human relationships, illustrating Wisdom’s works such as gender equality, racial equality, marriage equality, economic justice, care of creation, nonviolence, interfaith collaboration and expanding spiritual experience. She Lives! invites readers to join the adventure of creating rituals that include the Female Divine and to join communities that celebrate Her, affirming the sacred value of all people and all creation.

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