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Creative & Healing Power of Music

The news these days can be overwhelming. Everywhere we turn we see people suffering from violence, abuse, poverty, exploitation of the earth, racial and gender injustice. We’re all in deep need of healing. We can contribute to healing our world and to the creation of a better world. We can envision and sing of healing […]

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The Power of Music to Change the World

  Recent news stories have uncovered the awful, inhumane conditions that hundreds of children are living under at border detention centers. These news reports have spread on social media, along with some articles about ways we can help children and families at the border. I can’t read and watch horrible injustices without finding some ways, […]

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Freedom Faith: The Womanist Vision of Prathia Hall, by Courtney Pace

This morning I woke up wanting to write for my blog but couldn’t decide on a topic. I prayed for Sophia Wisdom’s guidance. Not long after my prayer, a package arrived with Courtney Pace’s new book on Prathia Hall. Now I’ve never been one to open the Bible and believe that the first thing I […]

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Believe the Women, by Rev. Dr. Leah Grundset Davis

The call to “believe the women” echoes through the centuries. Mary Magdalene and the other women proclaimed the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection to the apostles who didn’t believe them (Luke 24: 1-11). People today still too often refuse to believe women who preach Good News and who speak out against abuse and violence. But […]

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Gossamer Freedoms

Most of my poetry writing has taken the form of song lyrics. But I just found this poem that seems even more relevant now than when I wrote it a while back, so I decided to post it. Gossamer Freedoms Women’s rights are human rights; human rights are women’s rights, not always so, may not […]

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