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More Mother Eagle Songs

The biblical image of God as a Mother Eagle resonated with so many of my readers that I decided to write this follow-up to my blog with the “Mother Eagle, Teach Us to Fly” video and to include two more of my Mother Eagle songs:                     […]

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“Mother Eagle, Teach Us to Fly” Video

Mother Eagle, teach us to fly; now it’s time to try our own wings. Show us how to reach to the sky; take us where our spirits will sing. Mother Eagle, lift us up high; with your help we never will fear. New adventures we want to try; give us faith and stay ever near. […]

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“Listen, Wisdom Is Calling” Video

Listen! Listen! Listen, Listen! Listen, listen, Wisdom is calling, teaching us Her fairness and peace. Guiding us to love one another, She will help all violence to cease. Listen! Listen! Listen, listen! Follow, follow, follow, follow! Follow, follow, Wisdom is leading, showing us Her pathway to right. Let us go together with Wisdom; She will […]

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Trouble the Water: A Christian Resource for the Work of Racial Justice

What responsibility do churches have for the work of racial justice? What are the challenges of this work? How do we dismantle white privilege and white supremacy? How do we build coalitions to address the intersection of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other injustices? How do we create communities of equality, justice-love, and peace? These are […]

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“Revisiting Re-Imagining,” by Dr. Sherry Jordon

In September of 1993 I first heard about Re-Imagining. A member of our Dallas Clergywomen’s group talked with excitement about her plans to attend the first Re-Imagining Conference scheduled for that November in Minneapolis. I liked the name “Re-Imagining” and the purpose of the conference—to explore theology from women’s experience. But I didn’t have the […]

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