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Welcome to Nevertheless She Preached: Kyndall Rae Rothaus and Elizabeth Amondi Ligawa

Nevertheless She Preached, the dynamic grassroots preaching event in Waco, TX, is back! Registration is now open for the second celebration of women’s voices in the pulpit, September 24-25, 2018. Amazing preachers, like Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney and Rev. Julie Pennington-Russell, are already scheduled for this exciting event! The first Nevertheless She Preached was an […]

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Progressive Spirit Interview

John Shuck, Presbyterian pastor and radio show host, interviewed me for his show “Progressive Spirit.” These are some of John’s questions I responded to in the interview: (1) Many of your hymns include Christ-Sophia. Who is Christ-Sophia? (2) How did you come to realize the importance of female imagery for God? (3) Tell me more […]

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Caroling for Gender and Racial Justice

This Christmas season gives us a wonderful opportunity to sing carols for gender and racial justice. Our music can contribute to racial equality as well as gender equality. Worship language and symbolism all too often contribute to racism as well as sexism. In many hymns, prayers, scripture readings, and sermons, images of darkness carry negative […]

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More Advent/Christmas Carols for Change

As we move through Advent to the celebration of Christmas, we can sing carols that bring the change our hearts long for. We can sing of peace and justice for all people and all creation. Through the Holy Darkness of this season, we celebrate the coming of Christ-Sophia to change our world. We celebrate the […]

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Caroling for Change

Many good men and other good people are asking what they can do to stop the pervasive violence against women, continuing to be uncovered by the “Me, too” campaign. Churches are also asking what they can do. Churches can listen to women and believe them, follow clear policies and procedures on sexual harassment, and offer […]

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