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Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Dorothy Kelley Patterson

              After I recently saw the film RBG, my interaction with Dorothy Kelley Patterson years ago came to mind. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Dr. Dorothy Kelley Patterson, in the same generation with Ruth a little older than Dorothy, both experienced sexism, but they responded in opposite ways. The […]

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Singing Resistance and Healing

Another horrific school shooting occurred last Friday, this one close to home in my state of Texas. A teenage boy opened fire on Santa Fe High School, not far from Houston, killing ten people and wounding ten others. There has been an average of one school shooting every week this year. I heard an interview […]

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“The Spirituality of Philanthropy,” SXSW Conference

One of the inspiring sessions I attended at the SXSW Conference focused on philanthropy as a spiritual practice. In a previous post I acknowledged my ambivalence toward money. I wrote about hearing more negative than positive messages about money as I grew up. For example, I learned “the love of money is the root of […]

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SXSW Conference: “The Divine Feminist & Her Place in Modern Religion”

  It was a great joy and honor to be on a panel at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference with these prophetic ministers doing remarkable work in the world: Rabbi Rebecca Epstein, Simone Talma Flowers, and Rev. Joseph Parker. It was good to connect with them and learn from their work for gender equality […]

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Reclaiming Sophia: “All Her paths are peace; She is a Tree of Life.”

The image of Sophia is prominent in some of my YouTube videos. People have asked, “Who is Sophia?” Sophia, the Greek word for Wisdom, is a resurrected biblical feminine divine image that opens new possibilities for liberation, justice, and peace. New Testament writers link Christ to Wisdom, a feminine symbol of God in the Hebrew […]

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